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Blossoming into a Healthier Lifestyle

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3 Healthy Habits

Health Changes photocredit:

Health Changes

For me, changing our lifestyle was overwhelming at first – especially since I had waited until extreme measures were necessary. ¬†I hope that isn’t the case for you ūüôā ¬†For those who want to get started on a healthier path, I recommend choosing only one area to change and committing to that for a month.

Workout with Your Dog photocredit:

Workout with Your Dog

Here are three suggestions:

  1. Drink 2 liters of water when you wake up, before eating or drinking anything else. (Food Matters)
  2. Exercise 20 minutes a day, at least 3 days a week. The energy boost from exercise comes between 11-14 minutes. (Dr. Sue Lawton). ¬†Personally, I’ve found that exercising is most effective in the morning, before other distractions crowd it out;¬†plus¬†it gives me a clearer focus for the day. ¬†Make it a priority and you’ll notice the difference.*
  3. Incorporate 50% fresh food with every meal. (Food Matters). Smoothies are a great way to do this. A veggie tray. Salad. You’ll find a few recipes on our new blog Pinterest also has tons of attractive¬†recipes.

    The Research  photocredit:

    The Research

I posted out of order, but this entry is the follow-up to my green living post. Here are a few links on research for those who wanted to learn more. ¬†I’m only including a few links in order to keep it simple:




  • (This is 17-minute webinar by Dr. David Hill, doTERRA’s Chief Medical Advisor. He talks about the effects of omega-3’s for healthy brain and heart function. He particularly¬†discusses¬†the supplementation product that I am currently using for increased energy etc.; email if you’d like to know more about this.)

*You can also incorporate exercise¬†into your daily routine: If you have somewhere to go that is nearby, walk there. ¬†Play tag with your kids or take the dog for a walk. ¬†If you’re married, walking with your spouse is a great way to improve your marriage. (I don’t know about you, but my husband talks more when he’s outside and moving :).

This is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease.



Green Living: Not Just a New Trend



After we moved to NYC, many of our lifestyle choices changed. Some people may get the impression that we’ve simply joined in the city’s fads – become a “health fanatic” because it’s the popular thing to do here.

We do buy a significant amount of organic food, make our own nontoxic cleaners, encourage breastfeeding when possible, etc. It’s just a coincidence that we lived in the city when we made certain¬†changes.



For those who have read the last few posts, you know that poor choices regarding both diet and environment nearly destroyed my health. I was 22 yrs old, newly married, and hardly had the energy to clean our 1000 sq ft apartment. It was draining physically, emotionally and spiritually. Would I ever have the energy to be the wife I wanted to be? Exposure to black mold, chemical cleaners, eating only cooked and processed foods, birth control pill Рall of these contributed to my toxic overload.



For us as Christians, it’s more than just a better life. ¬†We seek to know and live by God’s Word. ¬†Jesus said that “to whom much is given, much is required.” ¬†The more we know, the more responsible we are to make appropriate choices. (*see note below*)



After years of health problems, doctor visits, new solutions and research… here is what our family knows**:

  1. Eat Fresh: Our bodies require 50% fresh food (live enzymes) with each meal to benefit from the nutrients. Otherwise our bodies respond to the cooked food as they would to an enemy.
  2. Cut Out Sugar: Sugar has negative side-effects: those who consume sugar age faster, have more difficulty losing weight, tend to have more difficult labors & are more likely to tear at birth. Sugar can also be addictive and feeds candida which can lead to many other problems. (Fatigue, headaches, ear pressure…)
  3. Eliminate Toxins: Chemical cleaners and cosmetics contain ingredients that have been linked to several different cancers.
  4. Rebuild Your System: Live enzymes, nutritional supplementation and probiotics play a significant part in rebuilding the digestive system.
  5. Eat Organic: “The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children eat organic whenever possible.” – Dr. Herzog, Board Certified Pediatrician. Exposure to certain pesticides have been linked to significant problems later in life. Higher amounts of pesticides are found in fat¬†(butter, yogurt). Pesticides¬†also soak into several fruits and vegetables – “The Dirty Dozen” – meaning washing the skin will not protect you from consuming multiple pesticides.

Apathy and ignorance nearly destroyed my health and with that, the freedom to serve my family.

No, this isn’t a trend. ¬†It’s a belief system. ¬†It’s a new way of life.



*Note: We certainly can’t control everything about our health; but we are responsible to be faithful with what we can control. ¬†(I’m still working on this‚Ķ.) ¬†For example, we¬†can’t always control how we feel physically or emotionally. I may feel overwhelmed or discouraged, and that is okay‚Ķ but I choose how to¬†handle¬†those feelings. ¬†I can feed those discouraged feelings by focusing on all my¬†problems¬†or I can choose to¬†cultivate a grateful heart for what I have. I can also support my body physically, which in turn will help emotionally.

**For sake of¬†brevity, I’ll cite¬†research in the following post. ¬†For those who are overwhelmed with¬†pursuing a healthier lifestyle, I’ll also share some basic tips to help you get started.

***Nothing in this post or blog is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.***

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DIY Air Fresheners

This was my fun project for the week! ¬†It doesn’t take long, except that you leave it out to dry for a few days. ¬†I had never used silicon molds before, so I¬†was nervous about how they would turn out‚Ķ but I’m so excited about the results!!

The recipe is for Refrigerator Refreshers, but you can use them as air fresheners in many different locations.  Click here for the recipe I used:  The only modification I did was to add about 10-15 drops of doTERRA lemon oil along with the purify.

(Had to include¬†a picture of my husband’s special Star Flex (sp?) also. It’s a retired part of one of the helicopters he worked on.)


Great addition to a gift basket for your crafty or natural-minded friends.




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12 Things You Can Never Pack Too Much Of- From a Mom



Lately it seems our rate of travel has doubled. (Not that our rate was high in the first place :)) ¬†I grew up in Africa, so traveling isn’t really new to me (in light of that, you’d think I’d be more skilled¬†at packing!) ¬†– but traveling with a baby, that’s a whole new realm!
Even with a two-year-old, I feel like I’m just now getting better at it. ¬†I’ve tried learning to pack light, and in my effort to do that, we’ve had some interesting predicaments – “what? out of diapers already?” ¬†So, I’ve come up with a list of things that are ALWAYS worth packing, and sometimes packing a little extra‚Ķ Nothing really new here, you experienced mothers will laugh at these.

1. Diapers; Baby Wipes (homemade, of course)

2. Tissues

3. Blankets: Even in the summer, I find myself wishing I had a blanket to hang up and shade the sun from baby’s eyes while he’s in the carseat.

4. Toys & Books for the road; bath toys.


5.Baby clothes for all different types of weather (e.g. a sweater/rain jacket even in the summer – gets chilly sometimes!) ¬†At least 3 extra outfits‚Ķmore for a newborn. ūüôā

6. Pajamas.  For both warm and chilly weather.  Funny how you can forget these things.

7. Comfortable evening social wear.  Maybe even some bedroom slippers.

8.¬†Food! ¬†Lots and lots of food. ¬†Not only because it keeps the baby entertained and happy, but also because I’m hungry every two hours as a pregnant and nursing mother.


9. Hand Sanitizer (homemade, naturally. ūüôā here’s the recipe I used:

10. A Water Bottle (maybe even some gallon jugs)

11. Essential Oils/Diffuser

12. My Spray Bottle of Natural Disinfectants along with Paper Towels.



And then there’s other basics like toiletries, razors etc‚Ķ Oh audio books are great too.

Well this is from the mom of ONE toddler. ¬†I’m sure I’ll have more to add after our trip this weekend, but¬†I’d love to hear input from all of you! ¬†What have you found useful while traveling? ¬†Maybe even from a different stage of life or those who have multiple babies.


The Best (and most fun) Toilet Bowl Cleaner I’ve Used


Also a great way to get your older kids to help clean ūüôā

Chemical cleaners were a huge contributing factor to the health problems I developed in college. ¬†(My job at the time was cleaning bathrooms.) ¬†I’m so excited now to see how many natural and DIY Cleaners are out there!

I found this toilet cleaner recipe in an essential oil magazine. ¬†It’s so much fun! ¬†I look forward to cleaning the toilet now!

1/2 C Baking Soda

1/4 C Vinegar

10 Drops Essential Oil

Sprinkle the baking soda around inside of toilet. ¬†Add 10 drops of essential oil. ¬†(I chose grapefruit and lime because they are antibacterial but I also love the aroma. ¬†Grapefruit and wild orange together are also great.) ¬†Add Vinegar and scrub while the combination fizzes up! ¬†It’s so much fun and leaves the bathroom smelling amazing!