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Trader Joe’s Raspberry Chocolate Yogurt

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We’ve just returned from a refreshing family retreat in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  After splurging a little too much on vacation, and after a long day out yesterday (dr. appt., lunch, Trader Joe’s), I enjoyed making this refreshing – HEALTHY – afternoon snack.  Then I realized almost every ingredient was from Trader Joe’s.  (No, they haven’t asked me to advertise. 😉 )

Here’s the simple recipe.  Modify to your liking…
1. Layer the bottom of the bowl with walnuts (got those from Costco)
2. Cover the walnuts with organic Greek Yogurt
3. Top with a handful of Organic Raspberries and Sliced Almonds
4. Add a couple squares of Trader Joe’s soy-free, sugar-free dark chocolate candy bar.


Side-note: Something about this recipe makes me want to have a girls’ day watching Anne of Green Gables.




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