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Blossoming into a Healthier Lifestyle

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Makeup-Stained Sink


My husband kindly observed that ever since I replenished my makeup supply and started using foundation again, the inside of our sink is never quite clean. I rinse the sink and try to rub it clean but even with soap, it still leaves that residue.



Well I found this recipe for DIY soft scrub that worked great at removing grime from our stove; so I thought I’d try it and voila! Clean sink, happy husband 🙂


(found recipe in a doTERRA Living Magazine spring edition)

3/4 c baking soda 

1/4 c liquid Castile soap

2 T water

5-10 drops each of orange & grapefruit essential oils (email me for info on how to buy)

Mix together to form a paste. Scoop out the amount you need to scrub sink, stove, or shower tiles.


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Blossoming into a Healthier Lifestyle

I’m embarrassed when I remember my diet in high school – and even in the beginning of our marriage … but if you’re struggling to live a healthier lifestyle, then this should give you hope :).

My sister reminded me not long ago that I used to come home from school and grab a piece of white bread to eat. I responded, “Oh that’s gross.” I had completely forgotten! I do remember that if there were Twinkies available (which wasn’t very often in our house), I would go straight for them and eat way too many. In the first few months of our marriage, hamburger helper and Ramen noodles were our staples. (You’d be surprised how many different ways you can cook Ramen noodles!)

It won’t surprise you that I had a lot of health problems during college. More on that later, but my health problems were the catalyst to revamping our lifestyle choices.

Now our two favorite “grocery stores” on Staten Island are Trader Joe’s and Costco. Our staples are fresh fruit/vegetables, coconut milk, smoothies etc. We’re excited about the expanding organic section in Costco!

— Laurelyn Rose